Dolphins in the Wild

Want Maximum Emotion with Minimal Environmental Impact?

Dive into the natural playground of dolphins in Banderas Bay. Experience the awe as these majestic beings glide efortlessly, their agility and grace evident in every leap and dive. During this immersive journey, not only will you watch from afar, but you’ll also have the chance to join them in the water, listening to their melodic clicks and chirrups.

And if the stars align and their curiosity peaks, they might just swim right beside you, sending thrills straight to your heart. Before you embark, our tour expert will enlighten you with intriguing details about dolphin and whale lifestyles.


You can email Victor, our experience manager for further assistance in booking this experience, or text him on Whatsapp.


5 Hours aprox.


$110 USD per person.

Min People

4 People.

Max People

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