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Bring a group (min. 10 participants) and reap the benefits of leading a retreat at Mixto.

Our mothership retreat center, Xinalani, has been operating successfully for 13 years and now hosts over 120 retreats per year. We have gained unparalleled professional experience working with retreat leaders from all over the world who trust us for our genuine hospitality and attention to details.


1. A stunning setting to induce wellness

Mixto is an intimate luxurious villa located at the doorstep of a magical beach. It combines the tropical peaceful atmosphere of an island retreat with authentic Mexican folklore. It’s the perfect getaway for a group to tie solid bonds and live a transformational learning experience.

2. We offer wholehearted professional support

We understand that taking your students on a retreat is a lot of responsibility and can be challenging. Keeping this in mind, we focus on being great hosts to your guests and a solid partner for you. From the moment you book to the moment you leave Mixto, we do our very best to cater to your specific needs and help you craft a magical experience that everyone will want to return to, year after year.

3. We're detail-oriented

When it comes to your retreat, details matter. We organize your ground and boat transportation, adapt our menu to specific diets, design precise schedules for the use of yoga spaces, stick to high standards of housekeeping, and train our staff so that they can do their jobs with full confidence. No detail goes unnoticed. We take feedback very seriously.

4. Our food is amazing

Our kitchen motto is healthy, Mexican, and gourmet. Our delicious menu offers vegan and gluten free options and can also cater to special dietary needs.

5. The island-like location is genuinely relaxing

Leaving the busy Puerto Vallarta airport to ride a traditional fisherman boat towards a remote beach village is an amazing way to wow your students. Mixto will give you privacy, calm and breath-taking views from all of our rooms.

6. Our Yoga Sanctuary is New and fully equipped

We take immense pride in introducing our brand-new yoga sanctuary, a harmonious haven nestled right by the tranquil sea of Quimixto. Imagine the gentle sound of waves serenading your practice as you step into our shala.

Here, yoga meets nature, and your journey to inner peace is enhanced by the rhythmic caress of the ocean’s melody. In addition to being a perfect space equipped with accessories and mats for traditional yoga offerings, our studio boasts hammocks for aerial yoga enthusiasts, offering a unique and inspiring experience that allows you to soar to new heights in your practice.

7. We are a socially-responsible and eco-friendly project

We are committed to making a change in the travel and hospitality business by taking on eco-friendly practices (recycling, composting, low energy consumption appliances, etc) and by respecting our community (hiring mostly from our local town, investing in training, giving our staff opportunities to grow). We give back to our community through school supplies, scholarships, personal growth and empowerment lectures, and improvement of infrastructures. We accept donations from generous guests to support our community projects.

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