10 Things You Should Know


Mixto is a celebration of an architectural and design concept called wabi-sabi. It embraces a way of living deeply rooted in nature, finding beauty and purpose in natural imperfection and in the life cycle of anything as it is with its flaws and wonders.

1. There is no road access

Mixto is accessible only by boat. We can arrange transportation in advance for your comfort. Please schedule flights to arrive in Puerto Vallarta before 4:00 pm and depart after 12:00 pm to avoid night-time boat travel, which is not recommended. The villa’s construction and maintenance present challenges as everything is transported via the same small boat. However, this adds to Mixto’s enchantment.

For a day trip to Puerto Vallarta, you can charter the Xinalani boat to the Los Muertos pier downtown, we will arrange a pick-up when you’re done exploring.

2. We are immersed in a remote little town

Mixto offers an island-like experience with deep relaxation, exciting excursions and ocean sports. There are however limited amenities, don’t expect Starbucks or malls. Visiting Quimixto, the charming fisherman village where our staff resides, is an authentic and warm encounter. Quimixto’s cobblestone streets, donkeys, stray dogs and friendly villagers make it an inviting place. We actively support the community through various giving back initiatives.

While the locals take pride in their traditions and occasionally have lively nighttime celebrations, we’re working on ensuring consideration for others. Noise-cancelling airpods or headphones can be useful for those seeking tranquility.

3. We are Xinalani's sister property

We created and built Xinalani, a 33 room retreat center in 2010 with 5 spectacular yoga shalas, and we’ve run it ever since. In 2022 we envisioned creating a stand alone intimate beach villa at a 10 minute walking distance from our resort. And Mixto was born. All our experience and our dear staff has been involved in manifesting this dream. We first ran Mixto as a day trip beach club, but we quickly decided to upgrade it to make a beautiful luxury villa for groups seeking privacy and wellness lifestyles.

4. We have High-Speed internet access at the villa

Although we recommend you to take advantage of your visit to Mixto to disconnect from digital life, if you require a reliable internet connection, it will be available in all rooms and common areas.

5. The food is special

We take great pride in our food. You’ll be served from a menu that’s designed for guests who care about health and fitness. The food is both balanced and delicious and includes eggs, fish, seafood and chicken, but no red meat or pork. Most ingredients are sourced locally for optimal freshness. We offer vegan and gluten-free options at every meal. All meals are served buffet style.

6. Our staff is very kind and helpful

Most guests rave about our staff. They’re chosen for their authentic kindness, strong work ethic, and willingness to go the extra mile for guests. Since we aim to hire from local neighborhoods, some of our team members are working in the hospitality industry for the first time. If they lack experience, they tend to overcompensate with genuine care.

7. This is a stay on the beach

While our rooms are comfortable, a stay at Mixto is akin to living on the beach for a week. You may expect loud crashing waves at night in the winter. In the spring-summer season, the ocean is much more quiet and swimmable. In the summer the river mouth outgrows part of the beach.

You may encounter harmless wildlife and seasonal crabs (May-Oct). Embrace it as part of the adventure. We can send you a packing list for more information.

8. Sh** happens

Some things are beyond our control and letting go of expectations is an important part of vacation. Even though the weather is mostly heavenly, it sometimes rains. There’s a chance your flight could be late or even rescheduled, and you may lose precious vacation time. Sometimes the ocean can be rougher than expected or the waves too small to surf. That being said, you’ll more likely have one of the most epic stays of your life.

9. Do activities at your own risk

Through Xinalani, we offer a wide range of mind-blowing excursions: jungle hikes, canopy zip line tours, swimming trips with wild dolphins, and surf lessons. We want you to have tons of fun but please consider the risks and make sure you can handle them. You will need to sign a liability release and waiver for most activities.

10. There are no refunds

Our cancellation policy is strict. We provide credits for future stays but we do not offer refunds. All customer payments are non-refundable. Cancellations made more than 15 days prior to check-in will receive a non-refundable credit, minus a 10% processing fee. This credit is valid for one year and subject to availability at Xinalani Retreat. Cancellations within 15 days of check-in, on the arrival day, no-shows, or early departures do not qualify for a credit. We recommend you contract travel insurance to safeguard your investment in your vacation.