Embrace Tranquility

Our New Sanctuary

We take immense pride in introducing our brand-new yoga sanctuary, a harmonious haven nestled right by the tranquil sea of Quimixto. Imagine the gentle sound of waves serenading your practice as you step into our shala.

Here, yoga meets nature, and your journey to inner peace is enhanced by the rhythmic caress of the ocean’s melody. In addition to traditional yoga offerings, our studio boasts hammocks for aerial yoga enthusiasts, offering a unique and inspiring experience that allows you to soar to new heights in your practice.

Open Air Palapa icon

Open Air Palapa

Experience yoga in harmony with nature in our open-air palapa. The thatched roof and spacious design connect you to the environment for a serene practice

High Ceiling Palm-Thatched Roof icon

High Ceiling Palm-Thatched Roof

Our shala features a high palm-thatched roof, adding a unique touch while ensuring fresh air flows freely for a refreshing atmosphere.

Wide Vistas icon

Wide Vistas

Enjoy panoramic views spanning from jungle to ocean, enhancing your yoga experience with breathtaking natural beauty.

Wooden Floor icon

Wooden Floor

Practice on our beautiful wooden floor, designed for stability and a natural connection to the earth.

Ceiling Fans icon

Ceiling Fans

Stay comfortable with ceiling fans providing a gentle breeze during your sessions.

Sound System icon

Sound System

Immerse yourself in yoga and wellness with our modern sound system, complete with wireless microphone and Bluetooth capabilities.

 Responsibly Built icon

Responsibly Built

Crafted by regional artisans using sustainable wood, our shala respects the environment while offering a serene space.

Fully Stocked icon

Fully Stocked

We've got you covered. Our shala is fully equipped with yoga props and mats for your convenience.

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Up to

Witness Our Journey: Building Mixto

How it was built!

Experience the artistry of Mixto’s construction process. Our sanctuary is meticulously crafted with natural materials and fibers indigenous to the region. Each detail is a testament to our commitment to sustainability and creating a harmonious space that resonates with the beauty of nature.