Connect with nature

Designed for a new generation of conscious voyagers, our eco-excursions are powerful & life-enriching experiences which improve the way we connect with the world.


Visit a hidden fishing village and swim in the local waterfall

Discover a Hidden Fishing Village

Board the panga and immerse yourself in the tranquil waters of the secluded Majahuitas cove, perfect for swimming and snorkeling. Snorkel Gear will be provided.

Afterwards, set sail on a scenic boat ride to the heart of Yelapa, a quaint fishing village cradled in a picturesque bay. Trek through the village, discovering its folklore, leading up to the cascading waterfalls. Delight in a refreshing swim in its varying flows throughout the year.

Once back on the beach, savor a meal at our favorite local restaurant (note: meal cost not included). And when it's time to return, our boat will be there, ready to hand you a chilled cerveza for the journey back to Xinalani.

5 Hours aprox. | $80 USD per person.


Observe wild dolphins in their natural habitat

Want Maximum Emotion with Minimal Environmental Impact?

Dive into the natural playground of dolphins in Banderas Bay. Experience the awe as these majestic beings glide efortlessly, their agility and grace evident in every leap and dive. During this immersive journey, not only will you watch from afar, but you'll also have the chance to join them in the water, listening to their melodic clicks and chirrups.

And if the stars align and their curiosity peaks, they might just swim right beside you, sending thrills straight to your heart. Before you embark, our tour expert will enlighten you with intriguing details about dolphin and whale lifestyles.


5 Hours aprox. | $110 USD per person.


Close encounters with majestic humpback whales

Get ready for an exhilarating whale-watching adventure aboard a thrilling boat ride in the northern waters of Banderas Bay. Witness the majestic grace of these marine giants - from awe-inspiring adults to curious calves taking their first strokes in the ocean's embrace.

Our onboard whale specialist may use a hydrophone to amplify the enchanting melodies of live whale songs. We prioritize a respectful distance, ensuring we marvel at these magnificent beings without disturbing their natural rhythm, all while guaranteeing your utmost safety.

5 Hours aprox. | $110 USD per person.


Anyone up for an adrenaline rush?

Ready for an Adrenaline Rush?

Embrace the thrill of soaring from treetop, zipping through lush tropical vegetation at exhilarating speeds. With the guidance and safety equipment provided by the experienced team, you're in for a heart-pounding adventure.

Your journey starts with our panga to the Boca de Tomatlan Pier. From there, a bus awaits to whisk you away to the Ziplining Park.

Perfect for thrill-seekers and nature enthusiasts alike. Ensure you wear sports shoes and comfortable attire, you will be provided with a helmet, gloves and safety harness with carabiners.

5 Hours aprox. | $105 USD per person.


Discover the beauty around us in our jungle trek

Discover the beauty around us in our jungle trek

4 Hours aprox. | $35 USD per person


Observe the vast array of birds by using your naked eye or binoculars.

Witness the incredible diversity of avian life with just the naked eye or through the lens of our provided binoculars. Our experienced guide will lead you through Mixto's lush jungle and along its tranquil riverbanks. As you meander, let the myriad of bird calls captivate your senses, whether you're walking or comfortably nestled in our provided folding chairs.

120 min aprox. | $45 USD per person